We created this family garden with our wild feel, loving the shady aspect and drawing out the concrete and timber from the building’s architecture into the scheme. There’s an exotic feel here but still very much grounded in the location

It’s a win (client), win (nature), win (us), to create beautiful small spaces like this with low input hard material and as much planting habitat layers as possible

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We create gardens by first thinking about how it will be used practically and then we work out how to create nature immersion and space for wildlife to exist in harmony with our clients needs

Our gardens are designed to be used and loved all year round

Wherever possible, we work holistically, encouraging stewardship and a light-touch approach to our gardens

We are passionate about naturalistic, textural layers planting with seasonal dynamic interests. We create nature centred spaces

Gold and Wild bring a refreshingly distinctive, honest sensitivity to the space

Andrew & Dee, N1

We love to have edimentals and perennial vegetables incorporated into our schemes for our clients to forage through the wild planting

In our busy lives we respect the power of nature connection to support our mental health

The healing of the land and the healing of the human spirit is the same process

Masinobu Fukuoka